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GV Community Energy are a community-based organisation committed to promoting community action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage sustainable living.

GV Community Energy offer a range of products and services to residents, businesses and the wider community to reduce energy consumption and costs.

We provide independent, accurate information, assistance and advocacy, and have earned a trusted position in our community.


GV Community Energy’s mission is to promote community action that reduces greenhouse emissions and stimulates sustainable living. GV Community Energy assists residents, businesses, community organisations and government authorities to embrace lower carbon activities, through activities such as:

  • Research and promotional programs

  • Community engagement and educational programs

  • Encouraging government policies that lower carbon emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels

  • Facilitating the adoption of energy conservation through efficient building design and energy efficient appliances by selling products and undertaking energy efficiency assessments for homes and commercial buildings

  • Fostering the introduction of renewable and/or low emission energy technologies

  • Fostering behaviour changes that lead to reduced energy consumption and improved community resilience.

Former Chairman Remembered

Farmer, entrepreneur and community worker Ian Bertram took on tasks that other people would pass over, with a relentless energy and an unflappable sense of purpose. In 2010, Mr Bertram was invited to be the chairman of the community-based sustainable energy company, GV Energy. A friend and colleague of 30 years, Geoff Lodge described Mr Bertram as systematic, dogmatic, and tireless when engaged in his work.


Latest News

Small Business Energy Saver Program
The Small Business Energy Saver Program (SBESP) can help reduce energy consumption costs and lower the greenhouse gas emissions of your small business!

Hume Community Power Hub
Currently being established and will be rolling out in 2021. 

Former Chairman Remembered
Former chairman Mr. Ian Bertram remembered. 
Your Energy Broker
We are running an energy project called “Your Energy Broker” where we help low income households to find the cheapest electricity and gas tariffs. We are partnering the Brotherhood of St Laurence and this is a free service paid by the Victorian Government. 

Tatura Future Energy Project
 GV Community Energy have been awarded a $50,000 New Energy Jobs fund grant to investigate the viability of a large scale (30 MW) PV installation at one of three potential sites. The study will include an investigation of network connection options, constraints and their associated costs. A range of PV installation sizes for each location, depending on constraints and costs will also be investigated.