Products and services

GV Community Energy offers a range of products and services to residents, businesses and the wider community to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Domestic and Commercial PV: GV Community Energy specialise in solar PV systems for both commercial and residential buildings. GV Community Energy have installed over 3,000 domestic solar PV systems, and are increasingly installing commercial scale systems (15-99kW) in the Goulburn Valley. GV Community Energy provide impartial advice to ensure you get the most out of your solar system.

LED lighting: GV Community Energy conduct LEDs light upgrades for commercial buildings. LEDS use significantly less electricity, reduce maintenance costs through longer lifespan, and provide better light quality when compared to traditional light bulbs, resulting in significant financial savings for your business.

Solar Hot Water: GV Community Energy have installed hundreds of domestic solar hot water units, leading to significant energy and cost savings for residents.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements: GV Community Energy in partnership with the Greater Shepparton City Council have enabled Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA) to be delivered in the municipality.  An EUA is an agreement between a building owner, a bank and the building owner’s local council that facilitates a building upgrade to improve environmental performance. Various types of renewable energy (e.g. solar panels) and energy efficiency projects (e.g. lighting upgrades) are available.


Home Energy Assessments: GV Community Energy have conducted over 1300 domestic, business and school energy assessments. Energy assessments help identify actions to decrease energy use, saving money and increasing building comfort levels.

State and Federal Government Projects: GV Community Energy have delivered a number of State and Federal Government projects in energy efficiency, strengthening links between Government and the local community. Click here for projects. 

Home Energy Retrofits: GV Community Energy have retrofitted over 1000 homes with energy efficient products to reduce energy consumption and costs, and increase comfort levels.

Community Education Programs: GV Community Energy have conducted over 120 Workshops on Energy Efficiency, in a variety of locations and tailoring programs to suit the local audience.

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