GV Community Energy owns and oversees the Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank. The Seedbank was created as a joint project between Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Department of Primary Industries, Department of Sustainability and Environment, the University of Melbourne and other stakeholders. The Seedbank is located at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus within the Goulburn River and Broken River catchment area. In July 2013 the ownership of the Seedbank was transferred to GV Community Energy where it remains today.


Native vegetation has been widely recognised as playing a major role in the rehabilitation of our landscape. The establishment of native vegetation can improve the condition of soils (e.g. reduce salinity), crops and pastures, livestock, remnant vegetation, and native fauna.

The use of local (indigenous) seed is now recognised as best practice. Indigenous seed is used for revegetation because it ensures the genetic integrity of the local vegetation, and the plants are adapted to the local conditions which results in higher growth and survival rates.

The Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank serves the needs of Landcare groups, government organisations, commercial nurseries, landowners and local conservation interest groups.

The Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank offers a range of products and services including:

  • Pre-treatment and dispatch of indigenous seed mixes for direct seeding purposes

  • Viability and germination tests of seed lots

  • Training of individuals and organisations

  • Technical advice on aspects of indigenous seeds and plants

  • Seed storage facilities for groups to access

  • Fully equipped seedbank for groups and individuals to use, and a native brush grass harvester used 


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