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Small Business Energy Saver Program

The Small Business Energy Saver Program (SBESP) can help reduce energy consumption costs and lower the greenhouse gas emissions of your small business!

This program allows for eligible small businesses to receive an additional rebate of up to $2,200 to install more energy efficient appliances. This is designed to cover around 85% of the cost to upgrade appliances depending on which model is chosen.


GV Community Energy is helping to roll out this program across the Hume Region on behalf of Sustainability Victoria. Our role is to help identify the key energy savings opportunities within your business and ensure the correct rebates are able to be received from the Approved Providers (AP).

Who can apply?

To be eligible, your small business must have:

·     Between 1 to 19 full-time equivalent employees (including business owners)

·     Operate out of a commercial premises, either rented or owned.

·     Not be Primary producer (other programs exist to help agriculture)

What can be upgraded?

A range of equipment upgrades are eligible for the discount:

·     Replacing inefficient hot water systems.

·     Upgrading to more efficient reverse cycle air-conditioners.

·     Installing energy-efficient refrigerated display cabinets.

·     Installing energy-efficient fridges and freezers.

·     Installing energy-efficient refrigeration and ventilation fans and motors.

·     Installing water efficient pre-rinse spray valves.​

How much will it cost?

The ‘out of pocket’ expenses you may still need to cover will depend on;

·     The chosen product

·     Its applicable rebates

·     Cost of delivery, installation and decommissioning old appliance 

Typical upgrade examples 

·     Replace an existing inefficient electric/gas/wood room heater with a new energy efficient split system air conditioner. Approximate cost $4,000 - rebates ($3,000+)

·     Replace existing gas hot water service with a new energy efficient solar evacuated tube or electric heat pump hot water unit. Approximate cost $4,000 - rebates ($3,000+)

·     Replace commercial refrigerated display cabinet / commercial freezer unit. Cost $4,500 - rebates ($4,000+)

·     Replace an domestic type fridge/freezer. Cost $1,500 - rebates ($1,000+)

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