Statement of Purpose

To reduce the regions greenhouse gas emissions to restore atmospheric balance.


This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a community service to assist residents, businesses, community organizations and government authorities to lower carbon activities

  • Encouraging political parties to implement lower carbon alternatives

  • Ensuring political independence by not aligning to any particular political party

  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels

  • Fostering behavior changes that lead to reduced energy consumption

  • Undertaking research and promotional programs

  • Undertaking community engagement and educational programs

  • Facilitating the adoption of energy conservation through efficient building design and energy efficient appliances

  • Promoting the introduction of renewable and/or low emission energy sources to our region. 

What we do at GV Community Energy

GV Community Energy is an organisation with extensive experience in project delivery and community engagement, and strong networks with other NFP organisations, local, state and federal governments, and community and industry groups. We are at the forefront of innovative energy sources that will benefit our community.

GV Community Energy have developed a range of methods and materials to communicate with people of all backgrounds and cultures.